Hijinx Green Black Splatter / Dark Grey 03-592

  • Oculos da marca Oakley

  • Fabricante:Oakley
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More than a decade ago, the premium British import was a rising BMX rider named Stephen Murray. The lionhearted racer had already earned six UK National Championships by age 16. In the States, he took to Dirt Jumping and Freestyle with mind-blowing maneuvers like double back flips and 360 back flips. He became a three-time back-to-back X Games and Gravity Games Gold Medalist, a feat unmatched to this day. Then his life took a different track.

If you?ve ever taunted gravity, you know there?s a harsh reality that waits somewhere in the darkness of your mind. In June of 2007, it came out of the shadows. A double back flip at the BMX Dirt Finals in Baltimore ended with crushed and shattered vertebrae. Stephen was paralyzed from the shoulders down. If you think this tragedy made him give up, you sure as hell don?t know Stephen. His ?Stay Strong? tattoo is crested with lions. They were earned.

We?re honoring Stephen with a special edition of HIJINX, a work of aggressive styling worthy of a warrior who knows no white flag. UK lions flank the metal icons, and the graphics along the sides are styled from the inked emblem of courageous strength on Stephen?s skin.

The clean lines of HIJINX sunglasses are crafted from lightweight O MATTER® frame material. A comfortable Three-Point Fit keeps the lenses in precise alignment, letting HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®) hone clarity to a razor?s edge. Twin Toric lens curvature maximizes side protection while opening peripheral vision with patented XYZ OPTICS®. The pure PLUTONITE® lenses of this special edition come with Black IRIDIUM® coating for optimized performance in medium to bright light. A custom MICROCLEAR? bag is included for lens cleaning and eyewear storage.
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